Michael Tepp Consulting provides services to any financial institution that relies on computer technology for trading the securities markets.
We offer architecture and design of efficient, highly reliable electronic trading systems and algorithmic trading applications.

Services performed:

  • Requirements Analysis
    We have a good understanding of both the business and technology of electronic trading and trading strategy. Therefore, we are able to effectively analyze business requirements and translate them into technical specifications.
  • Architecture and Design
    Long term experience with trading technology systems gives us the technical insights to work out the architecture and design of financial software systems. We will create the detailed specifications needed to build a highly efficient and reliable application.
  • Project Staffing
    We can staff a project with the right people when the time for development comes. Alternatively, we can work with the client's own staff.
  • Project Management
    We have hands on project management experience and certificates in IT project management and the agile methodology Scrum. We are able to manage the project from design all the way to the completed product.
  • Testing
    We are a firm believer in test driven development. Software is being written against comprehensive unit tests. A formal test plan will be created and rigorously applied before any software is released.
  • Hands-on Development
    We ourselves are able to contribute to hands-on development in C++ and Java if it is required.
  • Maintenace
    We can continue to maintain the software after it is released.
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